learningishard: Why cramming is bad news

Long gaps during revision 'better than cramming' "Cramming for long intense stretches ahead of a test might feel like more is being learned, says Prof Stafford, but this is illusory." From bbc.co.uk
Cramming? - make sure to leave time for a stroll
It seems that your mother was right for once - who knew? From spring.org.uk
Deliberately difficult – why it’s better to make learning harder Progress will be slower but more permanent.
From learningspy.co.uk
Fast learning doesn't lead to long-term retention of information. Unfortunately this conflicts with the desire to see quick improvements. Robert Bjork on YouTube - desirable difficulties: slowing down learning.
6 mins.
Fast and Slow thinking    
How your "working memory" makes sense of the world YouTube. 4 mins. Peter Doolittle on TED.
Colour Changing Card Trick YouTube. 3 mins. From Quirkology
Lots of examples on fast and slow thinking. YouTube - 5 mins from ASAP Science.
Very applicable to learning and reading exam questions.
Why you can't study and be on the phone / facebook / television YouTube. 2 mins. "The distracted mind"