learningishard: Interleaving

If studying 3 subjects over one night, better to interleave them than study subject 1 then subject 2 then subject 3. Robert Bjork on YouTube. Even though you look better in the short term with block learning, interleaving is more effective over the long term. The last few minutes are fascinating.
The Secret to Better Learning That Most People Don’t Know Link From spring.org.uk
Here's one hypothesis of why this works Link Also explains why we need to take regular breaks from studying.
From spring.org.uk
Spacing the learning    
When learning new material or new skills, spacing the learning episodes over large periods of time will improve the long-term retention of the material or skills. Robert Bjork on YouTube - spacing improves long-term retention.
Short overview from a psychology website From Dr. Dewey intropsych.com
One researcher gives first-hand experience From psychologyineducation.wordpress.com