Study Skills: Testing yourself works best

Frequent Testing is the most beneficial method
"Does the actual act of testing help the student to learn?" Link YouTube - Just the first 2 minutes of this clip from Dylan Wiliam Link How to Use Retrieval Practice to Improve Learning.
Contributers include Henry L. Roediger, III and Mark A. McDaniel who co-authored the popular book Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.
Ten Benefits of Testing and Their Applications to Educational Practice
Link pdf format co-authored by Henry L. Roediger III
Taking Memory Tests Improves Long-Term Retention
Research paper from Psychological Science journal. Detailed paper - you just need note the title and then read the 'General Discussion' at the end.
Studying for the Test by Taking It Link Bendict Carey in the
Frequent tests can enhance college learning Good to see that learning can improve at all levels.
Bendict Carey in the
Boosting college performance with daily online testing Link Paper abstract from the US National Library of Medicine
Retrieval Practice Produces More Learning than Elaborative Studying with Concept Mapping Another academic paper with the same message. Abstract only, this time from the AAAS
The Critical Importance of Retrieval for Learning Another paper abstract from the AAAS. "The results demonstrate the critical role of retrieval practice in consolidating learning and show that even university students seem unaware of this fact."
Active Retrieval Promotes Meaningful Learning
Research paper (pdf) from Perdue University
Retrieval Practice, with or without Mind Mapping, Boosts Fact Learning in Primary School Children  
Why don’t students remember what they’ve learned? Blogpost from pragmatic reform
Improving Classroom Performance by Challenging
Student Misconceptions About Learning
From Stephen Chew in
Why reading followed by re-reading doesn't work
Blogpost from
Be Your Own Teacher: How To Study With Flashcards Link Blogpost from